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Jimmy Crabtree



"No matter what (musical) road you're on, goals are only what you make of them."

Local talent: "In high school, the guitar player that was playing the rockin' tunes was Chuck Poole. Some of the other talented musicians I worked with, during my "first ten years" of playing include: Scott Miller, Steve Sigler, Glen "Bud" Ellison, Todd Garten, Sam McCormick, John Skaggs, Benji Ackison, Mike Falbo, Donnie Hall, Bill Ellison, J.D. Rose, Eugene Lanham, Al Burnside, "Bones" Brown, Steve Womer, Randy Marshall, Jack Williams, Paul Robinson, and Kermit Nance. Some of these I've worked with in different bands, and others were supportive in playing."

Veteran: "I served four years in the military, and it was a great experience. Please remember our troops in your thoughts and prayers."

Family: "My father Earl, was an inspiration when I started playing. My mother Neva, has been supportive and an inspiration. Two of my four sisters, Gail and Pat, have been a musical influence. Paula and Sheila, my other two sisters, have been an inspiration with art and design. My sons Michael and Alex, and my stepchildren Barry and Kristen, are a world of inspiration too. Connie's vocal ability, is a motivation to write and play new music."

Special thanks to: Calvin Spence, Keith Janney, Mike Simmons, Dick McVey, Mac Wilson, Paul @ Mabius, Notes On Call, John Stix, Steve Keenan, Keith Fain, Shane Maxwell, James Billings, Frank Hindson, Charlie Biggs, Rob Hull, the crew at Sumpin' Diff'rnt, Matt Walker, Ed and Debbie Coulter, Mike Varney, Brian Ball @  Ernie Ball Inc., family, friends, and most of all - God.

" Have the attitude, there is always something new to learn, and to offer. There are 12 notes to work with, but there are so many possible variations with style, tone, feel, and studying theory.  It is not always a matter of  how much you play, but how you play. Writing, recording, and performing is all about trying to convey your ideas. Listening is all about interpretation."


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